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Mobile Websites & Applications

There are over 2.5 billion mobile phone users around the

world today - and that number is growing daily!

Every company should have a mobile version of its website

to ensure it is being exposed correctly in this

huge mobile technology market.





Mobile Website Development

Many companies do not realize they need to have websites specifically built for mobile devices. The screen size on mobile devices are much smaller than computer screens. Also, the

majority of mobile users interact with websites using their fingers, therefore the website needs to have buttons and functionalities to optimize and facilitate that type of interaction.

Distinx will create and transition your current website into a dynamic mobile site. We follow all necessary guidelines to ensure your mobile site is compatible for any Smartphone and PDA.


Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are becoming more and more powerfull tools in today's business environment. Devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones, Windows Phones, and others are becoming extremely popular among all age groups in our society. Developers all over the world are creating the so-called "apps" which are stand-alone mobile applications that can be downloaded and installed in your smartphone.

Distinx offers mobile application development services focusing on business applications.


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